This dublab documentary film features four amazing, LA-based beat makers: Daedelus, J-Rocc, Nobody and Ras G in a secret mission to create new musical magic from the dusty remains of thrift store vinyl. It was a collaborative effort between many creative individuals. I served as cinematographer on the project.

Visit to check out some excerpts from the film.

UPDATE: We’ve been picked up for worldwide DVD distribution from the good folks at Stones Throw Records !

Here are the first 4 minutes of the film…


Short film I made with Miranda July. Strives to answer one of the burning questions of our time.

Premiered on VBS.TV.

 iPod Version

Blowtorch commissioned some comedic short films to play in front a feature they recently released called Young People F–cking. What will video games be like in the future? Hopefully not like this. Co-directed with Lee Einhorn.


Another Blowtorch short. A computer decides to cockblock it’s owner because of his douchebag ways. We knew it had to be a PC, because a Mac would never do that. Co-directed with Lee Einhorn.