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Everything you see on this site was directed, produced, or edited by me (with the help of various talented collaborators of course). 

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Born and raised in Los Angeles, I was surrounded by storytellers and consumed with the desire to become a film director.  Fortunately, I was accepted into USC and graduated with a BA in Film Production.

In 1998, I founded one of the first online video content providers - Vidayoh.com.  The site lasted until 2001, when in-fighting over whether to include “user-generated” content led to its demise… a stance I still regret to this day. 

Frustrated but unwavering, I turned to the theater.  In conjunction with Downtown L.A.’s Side Street Projects (a non-profit arts organization), I produced and directed a series of shows- multimedia extravaganzas known to include everything from sketch comedy and short films to fashion shows and karate demonstrations.

In 2002 I began working at various production companies around Los Angeles.  It was at this time that I met David Shafei and formed the directing team Shafei/Levitz.  We parlayed our mutual love for music into a career directing videos for bands such as Built To Spill, Idiot Pilot, Gift of Gab, Nellie McKay, and The Helio Sequence.  We also directed commercial and branded content campaigns for companies including Hilton Hotels, Mazda Corp. and Napster. 

In 2007 I returned to my theater roots and served as technical director on Miranda July’s latest multimedia performance, touring Los Angeles, Portland, and New York in the process.  Shortly after this experience, I returned to directing solo.

This leads to where I am now. Dedicated to my narrative ambitions and inspired by the burgeoning medium of online content. I’ve recently completed a string of web series and short films and am working on my first feature-length script (who isn’t), entitled My Future Best Friend. Life is good.




AC/DC Rock n’ Roll Fannation - www.acdcfannation.com

Love Pop Trash – www.lovepoptrash.com

The Rentals “Songs About Time”  - www.therentals.com

Marc Horowitz Signature Series *editor – www.crackle.com/c/signatureseries


Branded Content

Mazda “The Drive”

Hilton Hotels “Hilton Personal Journeys”

Adult Swim/Stones Throw “Korean Home Shopping Network”

Napster.com “The Go! Team Interview”

San Francisco Jewish Film Festival promos


Music Videos

Built To Spill “Conventional Wisdom”

Idiot Pilot “A Day In The Life Of A Poolshark”

Nellie McKay “Real Life”

Gift of Gab “Rat Race” (2005 MVPA Award Winner)

Health “Triceratops”

The Vacation “White Noise”

The Helio Sequence “Everyone Knows Everyone”

Mia Doi Todd “My Room Is White”

Adventure Time “Sent From Sandy Shores”

400 Blows “Mortar & Pestle”

DNTEL “Last Songs”


Short Films

Miranda July “How To Make A Button”

Dublab/Stones Throw “Secondhand Sureshots” *cinematographer

Blowtorch Films “The Future Of Video Games”

Blowtorch Films “Cockblocker 3000”