June, 2009

UPDATE: We’ve been picked up for distribution by Koldcast.tv & had a great article written about the series on NewTeeVee. Good things to come for the series. Fingers crossed. Cross yours with me.

Hormones, ambition and mischief collide… just another day at the mall.

Check out the 5 episode pilot season at http://www.lovepoptrash.com

Whether you’re just hitting puberty in middle school or dreading your high school reunion, your teen years will always seem like the most absurdly intense time of your life. When a glance in the hallway or a new pimple could make or break your whole existence. LOVE POP TRASH takes you to The Mall, a place where kids can hang parent-free and adults can have the material world at their fingertips.

LPT exposes the heartbreak of mad crushes, bizarre love triangles, and the importance of fashion and video games. Troublemakers will meet their match and your teacher just might try to be your friend.

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